– 6-Week Personal Fitness Program –

6-Week Personal Fitness Program in which you’ll work one on one with Emily Hopkins one, two, or three times a week depending upon your goals and time available for exercise. This program is for people who are serious about their goals and are ready to reshape their body, increase their strength, and reduce that unwanted body fat!

Group & Partner Fitness Programs

– Partner and group sessions –

Partner and group sessions can be very fun and motivating. Some people actually perform better in a small group. Working out with a friend costs less, too! Emily Hopkins Group Fitness Programs are convenient, motivating, affordable, and will get you in serious shape!

Start Me Up!™

– Back on track –

Maybe you just need a few sessions with Emily Hopkins to get you back on track. That’s what Start Me Up!™ is about! This introductory program is for individuals with some previous exercise experience.

Tune-Up Program

– Fraction of the cost –

Meet with Emily Hopkins once or twice a month to ensure you stay on track! Whether you’re an experienced exerciser or an existing client, our Tune-Up Program gives you all the benefits of a personal trainer yet at a fraction of the cost!

Fitness at your home or at the Gym

For more information on Fitness Programs call or text Emily